appraised industrial land

We have performed hundreds of various types of industrial property appraisals in our local and regional markets as well nationwide. Our primary specialty in industrial appraisal work is with ethanol, biodiesel, and other types of biofuel plant appraisals. In the mid-1990’s we became involved with numerous appraisal assignments related to the smaller to mid-sized dry mill ethanol facilities being constructed in the Midwest, Great Plains, and Eastern Corn Belt. As the size and number of dry mill ethanol plants expanded throughout the United States, we have continued to maintain and grow our competence. We have provided appraisal services for well over one hundred different dry mill ethanol plant facilities in the past fifteen years. With the increased focus on cellulosic ethanol, biodiesel, and other advanced biofuels, we continue to provide quality and timely appraisal services.

Our industrial appraisal background also includes agricultural product processing, feedmills, oil-seed crushing facilities, seed processing facilities, aquatic feed manufacturing, renewable natural gas production, fertilizer and farm chemical sales, and service businesses to name a few.


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