About Us

Natwick Appraisals had its beginnings in Fargo, ND as Arneson & Associates in the 1940’s. When Herman and James Natwick became owners of the firm in 1997, the name of the business was updated to Arneson Natwick Appraisal Services. Harry Arneson passed away in 1997, and a few years later the firm name was officially changed to Natwick Associates Appraisal Services, and more recently is was shortened to Natwick Appraisals.

Natwick Appraisals is a family-owned, independent appraisal firm providing commercial, industrial, residential, and farm appraisal services on the local, regional, and national levels. In the past several years we have appraised numerous types of commercial, agricultural, and industrial property, but we have increasingly been involved with ethanol and other biofuel plant appraisal assignments.

Appraiser Qualifications

  1. James NatwickJames Natwick
  2. Brian NatwickBrian Natwick